1. Establishment of a stable cooperation network for transfer knowledge in the automobile and building sector within the SUDOE space, as a bridge between the research carried out by the scientific community and the value enhancement actions taken by the industrial sector.
  2. Consolidation of an innovation culture, above all among SMEs from the SUDOE Space, to face difficulties that arise from their involvement in the innovation and exploitation of knowledge, thanks to the promotion of at least five new innovation projects.
  3. Increase of the competitiveness of the automobile and building enterprises in the SUDOE Space, as a result of the transfer of at least three new technologies to the practical application of high value added products and the generation of synergies between both sectors as a way to help them in their technological development.
  4. Socio-economical growth of the SUDOE Space, as a result of the project positive impact in two of the most representative strategic sector, thanks to a better positioning to face the current financial crisis and due to the register of at least on patent applied to these sectors.