A boost for the southwest europrean region

CarbonInspired is a collaborative project among several public and private research centres from Spain, Portugal and the south of France, co-financed with ERDF funds under the Territorial Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVB SUDOE, with the aim of creating a transfer network.

The main purpose is to boost innovation in new carbonaceous nanomaterials to improve the competitiveness of our region, especially within the automobile and building sector.

A bridge between basic research and market

CarbonInspired aims to approach the use of materials based on carbonaceous nanoparticles to industrial products and processes to place value on the knowledge developed by research centres and universities.

Thus, besides the technical feasibility, it will be specially taken into account the economic and regulatory aspects, the environmental considerations and the safety and health issues in the applications to be developed as demonstrators.

A support to the entreprises, specially smes

The main objective of CarbonInspired is transfer the existing knowledge to enterprises, to let them transform it into value.

The CarbonInspired network will provide your company with support and advice for the development of new products and put you in contact with potential partners and customers.